An xAI Approach for Data-to-Text Processing with ASP


The generation of natural language text from data series gained renewed interest among AI research goals. Not surprisingly, the few proposals in the state of the art are based on training some system, in order to produce a text that describes and that is coherent to the data provided as input. Main challenges of such approaches are the proper identification of what to say (the key descriptive elements to be addressed in the data) and how to say: the correspondence and accuracy between data and text, the presence of contradictions/redundancy in the text, the control of the amount of synthesis. This paper presents a framework that is compliant with xAI requirements. In particular we model ASP/Python programs that enable an explicit control of accuracy errors and amount of synthesis, with proven optimal solutions. The text description is hierarchically organized, in a top-down structure where text is enriched with further details, according to logic rules. The generation of natural language descriptions’ structure is also managed by logic rules.

Proceedings 39th International Conference on Logic Programming