2D object reconstruction with ASP


Damages to cultural heritage due to human malicious actions or to natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes, tornadoes) are nowadays more and more frequent. Huge work is needed by professional restores to reproduce, as best as possible, the original artwork or architecture opera starting from the potsherds. The tool we are presenting in this paper is devised for being a digital support for this kind of work. As soon as the fragments of the opera are cataloged, a user (possibly young students, and even children, using a tablet or a smartphone as playing with a video game) can propose a partial reconstruction. The final part of the job is left to an ASP program that first computes a pre-processing task to find coherence between (sides of) fragments, and then tries to reconstruct the original object. Experiments are made here focusing on 2D reconstruction (frescoes, reliefs, etc).

CEUR Workshop Proceedings