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16th International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology

The conference will to bring together researchers from across biological, mathematical, computational, and physical sciences who are interested in the study, modelling, simulation, advanced analysis, and design of biological systems.

13th International Workshop on Constrained-Based Methods for Bioinformatics

The workshop aims at exchanging ideas between researchers and collecting, if possible, new problems to be faced in the next future by our community.


A COnstraint solver on LAttices.


A succint and compressed dynamic data structures library.


Extended Randomized Numerical alignEr.


Fragment-based Interactive Assembly for protein Structure prediction with COnstraints.


Genome Assemblies Merger for Next Generation Sequencing.


A simple Java application for the analysis and identification of gene expression networks.


Reachability Computation and Parameter Synthesis for Polynomial Systems.


A Python Package for the epsilon-Semantics Analysis of Hybrid Systems.