Splitting the BLOSUM score into numbers of biological significance

[Software developed by M. Pussini and M. Rigo]

This software requires a decently recent version of JRE (>5.0). See below for usage instructions.

For information about the meaning of the BLOSUM score by using mathematical tools developed in the context of Shannon Information Theory see the download page.

How to use

The above applet allows you to find the best alignment between two sequences of amino acids. Note that you need to accept a certificate for the applet to load correctly. The applet reads the sequences from a unique file or from two files. By selecting the radio button "unique file" it is possible to load a multifasta file containing two sequences:


Alternatively, by selecting "two files" it is possible to load two fasta sequences from two distinct files saved with the extension .fasta, .fa or .txt. The result of the computation is shown in a frame containing a histogram representing the Blosum spectrum. The result can be saved as an html page. If you decide to save the computation, a dialog is shown to select the directory which will contain the output file.