Structural operational semantics for continuous state probabilistic processes


We consider the problem of modeling syntax and semantics of probabilistic processes with continuous states (e.g. with continuous data). Syntax and semantics of these systems can be defined as algebras and coalgebras of suitable endofunctors over Meas, the category of measurable spaces. In order to give a more concrete representation for these coalgebras, we present an SOS-like rule format which induces an abstract GSOS over Meas; this format is proved to yield a fully abstract universal semantics, for which behavioural equivalence is a congruence. To this end, we solve several problems. In particular, the format has to specify how to compose the semantics of processes (which basically are continuous state Markov processes). This is achieved by defining a language of measure terms, i.e., expressions specifically designed for describing probabilistic measures. Thus, the transition relation associates processes with measure terms. As an example application, we model a CCS-like calculus of processes placed in an Euclidean space. The approach we follow in this case can be readily adapted to other quantitative aspects, e.g. Quality of Service, physical and chemical parameters in biological systems, etc. © 2012 IFIP International Federation for Information Processing.

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