Persistent stochastic non-interference


© J. Hillston, C. Piazza & S. Rossi. In this paper we present an information flow security property for stochastic, cooperating, processes expressed as terms of the Performance Evaluation Process Algebra (PEPA). We introduce the notion of Persistent Stochastic Non-Interference (PSNI) based on the idea that every state reachable by a process satisfies a basic Stochastic Non-Interference (SNI) property. The structural operational semantics of PEPA allows us to give two characterizations of PSNI: the first involves a single bisimulation-like equivalence check, while the second is formulated in terms of unwinding conditions. The observation equivalence at the base of our definition relies on the notion of lumpability and ensures that, for a secure process P, the steady state probability of observing the system being in a specific state P’ is independent from its possible high level interactions.

Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, EPTCS