Measurable stochastics for Brane Calculus


The main aim of this work is to give a stochastic extension of the Brane Calculus, along the lines of recent work by Cardelli and Mardare (2010) [12]. In this approach, the semantics of a process is a measure of the stochastic distribution of possible derivations. To this end, we first introduce a compositional, finitely branching labelled transition system for Brane Calculus; interestingly, the associated strong bisimulation is a congruence. Then, we give a stochastic semantics to Brane systems by defining them as Markov processes over the measurable space generated by terms up-to syntactic congruence, and where the measures are indexed by the actions of this new LTS. Finally, we provide an SOS presentation of this stochastic semantics, which is compositional and syntax-driven, and moreover the induced rate bisimilarity is a congruence. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Theoretical Computer Science