A consensus list of microsatellite markers for olive genotyping


Cultivar identification is a primary concern for olive growers, breeders, and scientists. This study was aimed at examining the SSR markers retrieved from the literature and currently used in olive study, in order to select those most effective in characterizing the olive accessions and to make possible the comparison of data obtained by different laboratories. Olive microsatellite profiles were assessed by four independent laboratories, which analyzed 37 pre-selected SSR loci on a set of 21 cultivars. These SSR markers were initially tested for their reproducibility, power of discrimination and number of amplified loci/alleles. Independent segregation was tested for each pair of SSRs in a controlled cross and the allelic error rate was quantified. Some of them were finally selected as the most informative and reliable. Most of the alleles were sequenced and their sizes were determined. Profiles of the reference cultivars and a list of alleles with their sizes obtained by sequencing are reported. Several genetic parameters have been analysed on a larger set of cultivars allowing for a deeper characterization of the selected loci. Results of this study provide a list of recommended markers and protocols for olive genotyping as well as the allelic profile of a set of reference cultivars that would be useful for the establishment of a universal database of olive accessions.