Imperative Object-based Calculi in (Co)Inductive Type Theories


We discuss the formalization of Abadi and Cardelli’s imps, a paradigmatic object-based calculus with types and side effects, in Co-Inductive Type Theories, such as the Calculus of (Co)Inductive Constructions (CC(Co)Ind). Instead of representing directly the original system "as it is", we reformulate its syntax and semantics bearing in mind the proof-theoretical features provided by the target metalanguage. On one hand, this methodology allows for a smoother implementation and treatment of the calculus in the metalanguage. On the other, it is possible to see the calculus from a new perspective, thus having the occasion to suggest original and cleaner presentations. We give hence anew presentation of imps, exploiting natural deduction semantics, (weak) higher-order abstract syntax, and, for a significant fragment of the calculus, coinductive typing systems. This presentation is easier to use and implement than the original one, and the proofs of key metaproperties, e.g. subject reduction, are much simpler. Although all proof developments have been carried out in the Coq system, the solutions we have devised in the encoding of and metareasoning on imps can be applied to other imperative calculi and proof environments with similar features.

Proc. International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning