User Requirements and Relational Modelling for a Non-Theatrical Cinema and Video-Art Cataloguing System


We describe an ongoing effort to design and implement a computerized cataloguing system for a laboratory dedicated to the resto- ration and archiving of non-theatrical cinema and video art. The goal is to evolve the current information system taking into account three different aspects: (i) national and international standards and workflows concerning preservation, cataloguing and archiving of film and contem- porary art; (ii) specific needs emerging by daily experimentation in film and video restoration practice; (iii) the interoperability with film archives and contemporary art museums. A flexible conceptual Relational model based on Codd’s RM/T is proposed as a first step towards the development of a system meeting the unique requirements of non-feature films and videos.

Digital libraries and multimedia archives. 14th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries, IRCDL 2018, Udine, Italy, January 25-26, 2018, Proceedings