TEST Current Thoughts on the brain - Computer Analogy - All Metaphors Are Wrong, But Some Are Useful

The title of this Research Topic paraphrases a well-known aphorism in statistics. There is an intentional and challenging mistake in it: Metaphor and Analogy are used as synonyms, yet they are not. In science, metaphors are not intended to provide a solution to a given problem and have no explanatory power. In contrast, Analogies do have this power and enable us to make connections to understand the functioning of a given system based on the knowledge acquired on another system. Much the same way as scientific hypotheses, Metaphors and Analogies are transitory, always adjusting to technological advances. The Brain-Computer is usually referred to as a metaphor, but it should be thought of as an analogy instead. This analogy has raised a harsh debate in the scientific community, with some taking it literally, whereas the very meaning of analogies implies only a partial overlap of properties. Here you can find the slides of the talk: slides.